Testing payments in the sandbox

In our sandbox you can make test payments using all available payment methods. We designed a special web interface that simulates a behavior of a payment method. It replicates a communication with a supplier as accurately as possible. You can find all necessary information and procedures in this article of how to test payments with our sandbox.

Our tip:

Please set your test credentials of payment gateway to your e-shop system and make test payments for orders in customer's point of view. Statuses of test payments should correspond to statuses of orders in your system.

You can perform all the operations with fictitious cash within the sandbox environment. Please don’t allow your customers to access the GoPay payment gateway sandbox environment.

Testing payment cards

We have prepared a set of test payment cards to test your payments.

Type of card Card number 3D Secure Verification Country code of card issuer Authorization status
VISA 4188030000000003 NO CZ Successful payment
VISA 4444444444444448 YES Poland Successful payment
VISA 4188030000000011 YES CZ Not enough funds on your card - payment declined
Maestro 6705040000000019 YES CZ Declined in a bank authorization centre - payment declined
MasterCard 5160000000000013 NO Australia Incorrect card number - payment declined
VISA 4444555566667777 - - Invalid card number

GoPay tip: As a CVV / CVC code you can enter any 3 numbers, e.g. 123 and as an expiration date you can enter any date in the future, e.g. 03/28.

Testing payments from GoPay account balance

Test payments from GoPay user's account is enabled by GoPay gateway sandbox. Testing can be made by a user with test money. Login details are as follows:

Payment method of GoPay account
Go username: test01@test.gopay.cz
Password: Test0001 or SMS code 1111

Testing Premium SMS

Test payments via Premium SMS requires sending SMS in a GP format.

Fictional SMS can be sent via our web interface. For more details please see below. At the point of sale a payment should be marked as paid within a few minutes after sending a test SMS.

Sending of test SMS

If a payment gateway requires a verification code please use the code below.

Verification SMS code for sandbox

Test scenario

To verify your integration it is required to make following test payments:

1. Verification payment to check basic functions

Make a test payment using all required payment methods. You can find Information of how to set up a standard payment in our article describing a process of payment gateway integration.

2. Verification payment to check processing payment status CANCELED

You can make a payment using a test payment card. Just select a number of your test card with a “payment declined” status. The second option is to choose a payment method of online bank button and after redirecting to a test form you need to select a “Cancel” option. At the point of sale this payment should be marked as CANCELED. Status overwriting is ensured by automatic http notification. You can find more information about notifications and processing in the article describing a process of payment gateway integration.

3. Verification payment to check processing payment status TIMEOUTED

After redirecting to the payment gateway please close the window with the payment gateway. The status will change to TIMEOUTED that occurs after 12 hours. Payment status is changed overwriting is ensured by automatic http notification. You can find more information about notifications and processing in the article describing a process of payment gateway integration.

4. Verification payment to check the redirection to the point of sale without payment being made and notification processing

  • Choose a payment method of superCASH or bank transfer on the payment gateway.
  • After entering an e-mail address a coupon number is generated (you have to make a note of a superCASH number - this is necessary to make a payment in our sandbox) or payment details using a bank transfer (must be noted). In a production environment payment details are also sent to the customer by e-mail.
  • It is necessary to be redirected to the point of sale by clicking a cross in the right upper corner of the payment gateway window and to check a payment status of your order (the payment should be in status "Waiting for payment").
  • It is necessary to check a redirection from the payment gateway to return_url if payment instructions are correctly displayed to customer that superCASH or bank payment is expected.
  • It is also necessary to enter into your browser one of the links below to make a payment using a superCASH number (enter a number incl. CR :) or bank transfer data (PDF generated in the previous step)
    • Bank transfer

    • superCASH

  • After 3 minutes the payment status should be changed to “Paid”.

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