How to get Google Pay for the GoPay payment gateway?

In this post you will learn what is Google Pay and how to accept Google Pay payments with the GoPay payment gateway. 

What is Google Pay and how it works?

Google Pay is a payment method which allows you to pay using a card saved to your Google Account. 

Customer signs in their Google Account and adds a payment method by uploading their card information. Customer can than check out at your website without having to enter the payment information. Google draws this information from the card saved to the account and passes such information to the payment gateway which finishes the payment. 

GoPay tip: A Google Pay payment is in fact a card payment. The same fees for card payments apply. 

How to get Google Pay at your website?

Google Pay payment method is associated with the card payment method. If your card payments are active, you can offer Google Pay to your customers. 

You can also choose from various options how to display Google Pay during the checkout process. 

Displaying Google Pay in the order form

If you display payment methods in the order form separately, put the GPAY code of a new payment method to your integration, see the current payment methods counter in our documentation. By entering the code you make Google Pay available to your customers. 

GoPay tip: Do you use an API function which displays active payment methods automatically? If so, the payment gateway will return the necessary Google Pay data (such as a full name of the payment method, logo, its code and a category) in an updated response. After you activate the payment method, check if it is visible in your shopping cart. 

Do your customers choose from payment methods directly at the payment gateway?

If your customers choose from payment methods directly at the moment of initializing of the payment gateway, there´s no action required from you. Customers will see Google Pay in the list of payment methods at the payment gateway, where all the active payment methods are displayed. 

Which logo and name of the method should you present?

Please, read the official brand guidelines here

However, we recommend you to use "Google Pay" text, when presenting the payment method in your shopping cart. 

You can find the Google Pay logo attached in this post. 

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