Guide to registration: 4. Website check

Once we receive your completed Registration form, we check your website. 

This process includes checking your website and data you provided to us. We try our best to make it in a week. 

When checking your portal, we focus on:

  • which goods or services you want to accept payments for
  • visible placement of your terms and conditions and other Essential information your website must include
  • who is the beneficiary owner of your company 

The goal of the website check is to make sure that we can cooperate with you and that yll the data you provided are correct and compliant with our acceptance policies. 

GoPay tip: 
We must check your website and the data you provided with regard to the AML policy, rules of card associations ad other rules and laws we must obey. For example, with regard to the AML policy (the anti-money laundering rules) we are obliged to verify our clients and to find out the beneficiary owners of the companies. The rules of card associations forbid us to process payments for certain goods or services. 

It is possible that during the time we check your website we will ask you to add some details. 

When do we demand more details:

  • when your website is not finished and we can't find out which goods or services you want to sell
  • when we don't know how your business model works
  • when we can't find out the ownership of your company*

*In this case we will send you a KYC (Know Your Customer) form which provides an identification of the beneficiary owners. Fill in the form and make sure that the form is signed by a person who is authorised to act on behalf of your company and send us the scan of the form. 

What can be the result of the website check?

  • cooperating with you is approved according to conditions stated in the Indicative offer
    In this case we send you a contract to be electronically signed. Also, we send you your testing credentials so that you can test your integration. 
  • cooperating with you is approved, but a change of conditions stated in the Indicative offer is demanded
    Our sales specialist provides you with new conditions and sends them to you.
  • cooperating with you is declined
    In this case we let you know by e-mail. 

What happens next?

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