How does the registration process work?

This guide contains all the neccessary steps that are prior to launching the payment gateway at your website. 

The registration process comprises of:

  • Sending us your quote
  • Presenting you an indicative offer
  • Accepting the offer
  • Website check
  • Signing the contract
  • Identity verification
  • Integration check
  • Switching to the production environment

Before you start accepting payments, you need to go through the business and technical section. 

The business section includes accepting the price offer, website check, signing the contract and identity verification.

The technical section includes a payment gateway integration (which means a technical connection of the payment gateway to your website) and integration check. You can start integrating at any point, even before you sing the contract. Once you sign the contract, you receive testing credentials in order to test your payments. 

How long does the registration process take?

How long the whole process takes (from sending us your quote to switch to the production environment) depends on the type of integration. If you use an e-shop platform, which provides a complete integration of the payment gateway, you can start accepting payments in a week from sending us your quote

If you want to integrate the gateway on your own, the whole process gets extended until you finish your integration. 

GoPay tip:
To start with integration, find our API in our online documentation.  

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