Integration requirements for e-shop platforms

In this article you will find a list of requirements for integrating GoPay payment gateway into e-shop platforms.

Individual requirements are based on GoPay long-term experiences with integrations of these e-shop solutions. The aim is to ensure optimal layout and functioning of GoPay payment gateway for end users and achieve the maximum conversion rate of the entire ordering process.

GoPay Tip: Do you want to become a certified e-shop platform? Integrate GoPay according to listed requirements, let the integration be evaluated and obtain the certificate.

Technical requirements

  • Integrate an up-to-date version of GoPay payment gateway.
  • If you want to make a payment always submit items from the basket (see our Documentation), including a quantity, description, final price and URL of each item. If the EAN or item category are known provide this information as well.
  • Check the payment status after each redirection of the customer back to the point of sale and also every time you receive the http notification according to the following article.
  • Before displaying available payment methods in the order use the function "Get a list of allowed payment methods" that returns a list of currently accepted payment methods for a particular GoID, see our Documentation. Please ensure that this feature is used only once during one payment to avoid excessive load of the payment system.
  • If after displaying the payment gateway a redirection back to the e-shop occurs (e.g. in case of closing the inline gateway via a cross /close) display the final page with the order depending on the payment status or selected payment method. Consider following situations on the page:
    • Payment successful
    • Payment unsuccessful
      • Page before the gateway page
      • Non-deleted basket
      • Created order, sent e-mail so that the unpaid payment can be re-paid
    • Selected payment via bank transfer is awaiting payment
  • Enable your solution to run on secure pages. If your solution is not running on HTTPS it will not be possible to open the inline option of the payment gateway.
  • If you know customer e-mail address and telephone number pass this information with the payment in the object of payer and in the parameter of contact. For more details see our Documentation.
  • Make sure that the payment gateway is displayed to customers in the same language as the language of the order.

Requirements of how to present payment methods in the order

  • When setting up payment options on your e-shop present possible payment methods separately. For example present card payments or bank transfers separately and not under one option. This recommendation does not apply to online bank transfers. You can present online bank transfers in one aggregated option. Your customer can select a specific bank on GoPay payment gateway.
  • After selecting the payment method in the order direct your customer to the payment gateway page which corresponds to the chosen payment method. If for example your customer chooses a card payment in the order direct him straight to the payment gateway page to pay by card. For more details see example below:

Analogously follow the same principle for other payment methods.

  • Use official logos to present available payment methods in the order. All logos of payment methods supported by GoPay can be downloaded here. Both logos and official names of payment methods are also available by GoPay REST API.

​Requirements of how to present payment methods in the administration

  • Surcharging is forbidden. Please observe this policy and do not allow any fees to be set in the administration.
  • Use exact names of test and operation data, i.e. GoID, ClientID and ClientSecret.
  • Display the up-to-date payment status of all orders. Make sure that these statuses are displayed to customers after redirecting to the return_url e-shop. See the Documentation.

Requirements of how to register with GoPay

  • If possible enable GoPay to pass merchant’s operational data into administration of your platform. The ideal solution is to provide access via logon on the customer domain under Once logged in our GoPay engineer will be able to enter required data into the form.
  • Make sure that customers can register with GoPay through your assigned registration form with a specific URL. By registering through this form we can recognize that the customer uses your solution. Distribute this registration link on a visible place in the administration of your solution as well as on your website in case you provide there information about GoPay.

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