List of payment methods for CZ market

In this article you can read about all the payment methods, which are supported by GoPay in the Czech Republic.

Payment methods in the Czech Republic are divided to 5 basic categories:

  • credit cards,
  • online bank transfers,
  • bank transfers,
  • mobile payments,
  • e-wallet payments,
  • coupon payments and
  • bitcoin payments. 

These payment categories fully cover all internet business requirements. According to your needs you can activate the selected payment category or particular payment methods individually for free of charge.

From the table bellow you can find out supported settlement currencies, operating online/offline mode or market share distribution of each payment category.

Payment method Online Offline CZK EUR CZ market share
Credit cards      ✔      ✔     ✔              58 %
Online bank transfers      ✔      ✔                27 %
Bank transfers        ✔    ✔                10 %
Mobile payment      ✔      ✔                  1 %
E-wallets      ✔      ✔     ✔             0,9 %
Coupon payments      ✔      ✔                  3 %
Bitcoin payments      ✔      ✔                0,1 %

Most of payments are online, which means, that payment is completed in a few seconds. Not online payments are guranteed to be completed in a few hours.

Detailed summary of supported payment methods

Payment cards

Card payments are the most popular internet payments. We offer support of all the most common card associations including wide support of accompanying functions as recurring payments or pre-authorisations.


  • online payment method,
  • online transaction processing,
  • high level of security,
  • easy to use,
  • 3D Secure.

Supported type of payment cards:

Supported type of creditcards Confirmation of payment Creation of payment


online 24/7
mce_360.png online 24/7
visa_360.png online 24/7
visae_360.png online 24/7
me_360.png online


Online bank payments

Online bank payment are the most favorite bank payment with pre-filled payment order. Payment is made online and within the same bank. We offer support of the biggest czech banks.


  • online payment,
  • payment per one click,
  • pre-filed payment order,
  • elimination of incorrect data entry,
  • payment from user´s internet banking.

List of supported banks:

Supported online bank transfer Confirmation of payment Creation of payment Pre-filled payment order


online 24/7 yes
komerčka.png online 24/7 yes
online 24/7 yes
fio.png online 24/7 yes
platba 24.png online 24/7 yes
uni.png online 24/7 yes
online 24/7 yes

Bank transfers

Standard bank transfers are is still very popular. Thanks to GoPay network of bank accounts we can offer standard bank transfers much faster  (payment confirmation within 1 hour). You can create payment anytime, but payment will be processed only in bank hours. You can see bank hours in the table bellow.


  • fast confirmation of payment,
  • payment from user´s internet banking,
  • popular payment method.
Supported bank transfers Confirmation of payment Creation of payment Pre-filled payment order
moneta-money-bank-logo.png Within 1 hour* 8 am - 6 pm, working day no
uni.png Within 1 hour* 8 am - 6 pm, working day no
fio.png Within 1 hour* 8 am - 6 pm, working day no
česká-spořitelna.png Within 24 hours** 8 am - 6 pm, working day no
airbank.png Within 24 hours** 8 am - 6 pm, working day no
ing-bank.png Within 24 hours** 8 am - 6 pm, working day no
Oberbank logo1.png Within 24 hours** 8 am - 6 pm, working day no
vub_banka_logo1.png Within 24 hours** 8 am - 6 pm, working day no
Within 24 hours**

8 am - 6 pm, working day


* in average, maximum payment confirmation time is 24 hours
**  in average, maximum payment confirmation time is 3 working days

SMS payments

SMS payments are very common and easy to use.Paymets are authorized online by network operator while the amount to be paid is added to monthly billing. SMS payments are seamless and very practical for smaller amounts.


  • payments from user´s mobile phone,
  • payment is cleared at the end of billing period,
  • ideal for small amount payments.

List of supported SMS-authorized-payment methods:

Supported mobile payments Confirmation of payment Creation of payment
premium SMS  online 24/7
mPlatba online 24/7


E-wallet are the future of payments. Just link your payment card to the prefered e-wallet provider and enjoy seamless and secure payments. E-wallets can offer additional benefits, like storing your delivery address or loyalty benefits. Apart form that E-wallets are comprehensive alternative to ordinary bank account features.


  • online payment processing,
  • seamless and secure payments
  • suitable for small amount payments,
  • alternative to a bank account,
  • easy to use.

List of supported e-wallet systems:

Supported e-wallets Confirmation of payment Creation of payment
online 24/7
logo_paypal_106x29.png online 24/7
online 24/7
online 24/7

Coupon payments

Coupons offer postpaid or prepaid cash payments. It is ideal payment option for costumers that prefer cash payments with defined amount of expense.


  • ideal for customers not preffering payment cards,
  • high secure payment method,
  • cash payment.
Supported coupon payments Confirmation of payment Creation of payment Payment mode
paysafe.png online 24/7 Prepaid

Bitcoin payments

Bitcoin is more popular in Czech republic and in whole world. The main advantage of accepting of bitcoin is immediately accepting of payment to your GoPay account and easy exchange to any currency in the world. 


  • immediately accepting of payment to your account,
  • easy to exchange,
  • growing interest.

Main information about bitcoin payment:

Supported payments Confirmation of payment Creation of payment
logo bitcoin.png online 24/7

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