List of fees in effect as of 8/3/2015

Your GoPay account Fee
Sign up & opening your account Free of charge
Activation of your account Free of charge
Closing your account Free of charge


Outgoing payments from your GoPay account Fee
Payment to other GoPay account Free of charge
Payment to domestic bank account € 0,5
Payment to bank account in SEPA (Euro payment) € 0,5
Payment to other foreign bank accounts € 7


Adding funds to your GoPay account Fee
Domestic bank transfers Free of charge
SEPA bank transfers Free of charge
Other foreign bank transfers (out of SEPA) € 7
Card payments 3 % + € 0,11**
superCASH transfers (only Czech Republic) 3 %
SMS payments 50 %


Payment gateway Fee
Transaction fee* 2,2 % + € 0,11**
Monthly fee € 3,5
Refund € 0,07 
Chargeback € 15


* Transaction fee is applied to the following payment methods: cards (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro), bank transfers, superCASH, transfer from GoPay accounts. Fees for other payment methods are set individually. 

** Cards issued out of EEA region (European Economy Area) are subject to additional fee of 1%+1,7 CZK/ € 0,06. 

GOPAY s.r.o. is not VAT-registered company. 

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