Essential Guide to Integration

Not sure how to integrate the payment gateway into your marketplace? With the following guide it’s easy.

1.What’s the procedure for integrating GoPay to my marketplace?

In the very first stage you integrate GoPay into the environment of your marketplace. You can choose from the following procedures to implement GoPay:

  • Certified solutions

You can use prepaired solutions of certified suppliers with no knowledge of programming. The solutions meet our best practices so there is no need to make tests before running live.

  • Standard implementation

You can use GoPay REST API. You can find further information in Detailed Guide to Integrating GoPay.

  • Integrating with GoPay Modules

You can use the GoPay payment modules for e-shop solutions. We recommend the following providers of payment modules:


E-commerce system Module supplier

WordPress WooCommerce

Virtuemart /

RSForm, RSMembership
Magento (
WordPress E-commerce
WordPress Jigoshop
RSForm /
E-ticket /
Phoca Cart /
Data Dance / Odoo system


To check the settings of your implementation you can use the GoPay sandbox environment - a GoPay testing account and GoPay testing payment gateway. You can perform all the operations with fictitious cash within the sandbox environment. Please don’t allow your customers to access the GoPay payment gateway sandbox environment.

Once you integrate the payment gateway using API, or a prepared module, please test the payment gateway out, following the guide to perform sample testing transactions in the payment gateway.

2. Checking the GoPay integration at your marketplace and sending production credentials

Once you finish the testing process of the payment gateway in your sandbox environment, it’s necessary for you to contact the GoPay technical support via the e-mail The integration specialist will check and verify the integration settings.

We check the following:

Correct integration - We check whether you tested transactions correctly, see The Detailed Guide to Integrating GoPay and How to Perform the Sample Testing Transactions.

Presenting GoPay at your marketplace - We check whether you placed the GoPay Logo with the link either at your homepage, or to the point of a payment process; consequently we check whether you placed the card associations logos (VISA, MasterCard and Maestro) plus 3D Secure logos (MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by VISA). Please, use the logos and banners we approve of.

Compliance with marketplace requirements - Your marketplace must follow all the requirements, see this article.

Once you meet all the above-mentioned requirements you will be sent the production credentials to the contacts which you registered in the system.

3 Switching to the production environment

Once the contract has been signed and the integration process finished, you can change the sandbox environment into the production one. Before this happens, we’ll check whether you performed the sample testing transaction. If so, the 7 day deactivation of the payment gateway is removed.

We’ll also check the following:

Activating the payment gateway

When you receive the Guide for Integration (=Testovací integrační soupis) with your production credentials, it’s necessary for you to add them to your marketplace (instead of the testing credentials). With that in mind, please change your redirecting to the production payment gateway and perform the sample testing transaction.

Our tip: You don’t have to finish the sample testing transaction, you can leave it cancelled.

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