List of fees for GoPay account in effect as of 1/1/2016 till 8/6/2016

Administration Fees
Opening the GoPay Account Free of charge
Maintaining the GoPay Account Free of charge
Closing the GoPay account Free of charge
Outgoing payments Fees
Payment to a GoPay account Free of charge
Payment to a domestic bank account / SEPA payment CZK 10 / € 0,5
Payment outside of SEPA CZK 190 / € 7
Incoming payments Fees
Domestic bank transfer / SEPA payment / payment from a GoPay Account Free of charge
Payment outside of SEPA CZK 190/ € 7
Card payment / online bank transfer payment 3 % + CZK 3 / € 0,11
superCASH (only Czech Republic) 3 %
SMS payment 50 %

* When a card payment is made, the percentage and fixed fee is increased by 1.0% and CZK 2 / EUR 0.08 if the payment is received from a card issued outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

GOPAY s.r.o. is not VAT-registered company.

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