How to use 1-click payments - 2nd step: Keep me logged in

Do you like simple solutions and quick payments? Turn on “Keep me logged in” feature and pay with 1-click.

How does it work?

The “Keep me logged in” feature enables you to login automatically to your GoPay account without texting you an access code. The result is that for your next purchase you will automatically stay logged in to your account with your stored credit card. Then you need just 1-click only to complete your order.

Once you turn on this feature you will automatically be logged in to your stored credit card which will be available for payments by all merchants who accept GoPay payments.


A few important characteristics which are useful to know about this feature.

1. You can log out anytime

You can turn off automatic login anytime.

2. 1-click payments up to 800 CZK

In the “Keep me logged in” mode you can make payments up to 800 CZK. In case of higher payments you will need to login manually via SMS code.

3. Always active on one device only

Automatic login is always valid only on a device where you turned on this feature.

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