What information to provide when I offer recurring payments?

When you charge your card payments automatically (recurring payments) it's important for you to inform your customers about creating and settings of a recurring payment. 

When you create a recurring payment, make sure that your customers agree to:

  • creating of a recurring payment and its parameters
  • storing their card data in the system of the GoPay payment gateway

Also, tell your customers that GoPay handles their card data in compliance with the PCI-DSS Level 1 security standard (which is the highest data security standard in the payment industry).

Recurring payment parameters are: 

  • reason of creating a recurring payment (e.g.: subscription)
  • maximum amount of recurring payment
  • whether the amount is fixed or flexible
  • a period for which the recurring payment will be charged
  • date or frequency of charging the recurring payment
  • whether the date or frequency of charging the recurring payment is fixed or flexible
  • a particular way of communicating with your customers (for example: via e-mail from the order form)
  • information on how to cancel and refund the recurring payment, or a link to such conditions

Place the parameters of the recurring payment on a visible place on your website where your customers give a consent to the recurring payment; however, it must be separate from your Terms and conditions. 

We suggest that you store the customer's consent to parameters of a recurring payment at least for 12 months from cancelling the recurring payment, in case you would need to prove that the customer gave you the consent. 

GoPay tip: Add all the information about recurring payments to your Terms and conditions at your website. 

Once your customers agree to the creation of a recurring payment, send them a confirmation of a recurring payment creation by 2 working days.

 Also, inform your customers at least 7 days ahead when:

  • you are about to charge a following recurring payment but the last recurring payment was made 6 months ago
  • the free trial has ended and you are about to charge the first recurring payment
  • you are about to change some parameters (for example a frequency of charging the recurring payment)

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