List of Prohibited Categories

  • Aggressive pornography and violence, especially child pornography, zoophilia, rape and other violence against people;
  • Documents that incite hatred, violence or racial intolerance;
  • Narcotics, psychotropic substances and instruments and poisons for their production or distribution;
  • Prescription medicines;
  • Illegal sale of tobacco and alcoholic products;
  • Unlicensed or illegal gambling or betting;
  • Goods, services, data or other products that breach copyright, trademarks or other rights to intangible assets;
  • Goods and services produced by child labour or there is reasonable suspicion of human rights violations and child labour;
  • Goods and services which facilitate or promote criminal activities;
  • Stolen goods including digital and virtual products;
  • Goods and services subject to international sanctions;
  • Endangered plant and animal species;
  • Cultural and natural heritage.
  • Non-registered charity services and foundations, crowdfunding
  • Fund raising for sects
  • Post Box/Shell Companies
  • Time sharing of properties
  • Weapons and related products and services, including weapons for recreational and sport purposes
  • Fireworks and pyrotechnic articles
  • Visa application services
  • File hosting
  • Debt collection
  • Escort services incl. advertising
  • Sale of animals
  • Initial coin offering (ICO)
  • Decentralized virtual currency exchange platforms
  • Binary option
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Digital wallets: funded during or after

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