Asking for the Additional Personal Payment Data

In order to provide you with an additional security check of the payments created, you can ask for detailed personal data of your buyers.

The optional data settings are:

Name and surname - during the payment process your customer is asked to give their name and surname

Address - during the payment process your customer is asked to give their address

Phone number - during the purchasing process your customer is asked to give their phone number to which they will receive an authorization SMS with a code. The customer will enter this code during the payment process.

There’s already a check required during the payment process - the buyer is asked to give their e-mail address. The buyer will then receive payment details to this e-mail.

The GoPay system records and stores all the data which are given by the buyer. You can also set a 24 hour limit for making a certain number of payments. This limit applies to the unique parameter value. You can set the limit for the following parameters:

  • The customer’s phone number
  • The customer’s e-mail address
  • The customer’s IP address

In case the customer reaches the 24 hour limit for payments to be made, the system won’t allow them to make another payment until the 24 hour limit expires (since the first payment occurs).

In order to get the function of giving the personal data during the payment process activated, it’s necessary for you to contact the customer support via Type your Evidence Number, or the name of your marketplace, and specify the function you want to get activated, in the subject line. We’ll inform you about your new settings as soon as possible.


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