Guide to registration: 3. Accepting the offer

If you agree to a price offer provided in the registration form, you can accept it. 

How to accept a price offer?

1. Save the Registration form attached in the e-mail in your computer. 

2. Check that you filled in all the correct data, especially in the company representative* field. Also, filled in all the mandatory data for a technical contact* and customer care contact*. Add the bank account number. This account will receive your payments accepted with GoPay. Note, that you must be the owner of this account. 

3. Save your completed form in the excel format (.xls).

By saving your form in the .xls format you spare us a lot of work. We upload all the data automatically from your excel form to our system. Thanks to that we can process your form faster. 

4. Printscreen a header of your bank account in you bank application. Make sure that there's a visible account owner and account number in the screenshot. 

5. Send us your completed form in the excel format together with the printscreen of your bank account header at our e-mail. Make sure that you send us all the documents at the e-mail address of your GoPay specialist (usually the same e-mail address from which you received an indicative price offer). 

By sending us your quote you express that you agree to the price offer and that you wish to close an agreement on accepting payments with GoPay. 

6. Add your Terms and conditions, your contact number and identification number to your website. You can find more details in Essential information that your website must include

After we receive your completed form we will check your website to make sure that we can cooperate with you. 


Company representative - a person who is authorised to act on behalf of the company (LTD). This person signs the contract with GoPay, must verify their identity, etc. In case of a natural person a representative is the person who holds a trade licence. 

Technical contact - a phone number and e-mail of a person who is responsible for the integration of your payment gateway and other technical matters. 

Customer care contact - an e-mail address which you use for communication with your customers. 

Bank account - it must be a bank account at which you will receive your payments accepted via the payment gateway 

Screenshot of your bank account header  - make a printscreen of your bank account (you can make it in your bank application). There must be a visible name of the bank account owner and the bank account number in the screenshot. You can either hide or blur your balance. 

What happens next?

After you send us your form, you can read Website check to find out what happens after we receive your form. 

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