How to use 1-click payments - 1st step: Remember my card

Are you tired of constantly rewriting your credit card number? Turn on the “Remember me” feature and we securely store your payment details for all your future purchases.

How does it work?

To remember your credit card details for your future online purchases we need to know your mobile phone number. Before each payment we will always send you a text message with a 4-digit access code to GoPay account where your card will be securely stored.

GoPay Tip: It is essential you always enter the same email address so that we can correctly identify you and send you an SMS code on your mobile phone. Only in this way you can fully benefit from 1-click payments.

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A few important characteristics which are useful to know about this feature.

1. You can log out anytime

You can delete your stored credit card anytime. Log in to your GoPay account on the payment gateway via a 4-digit SMS code. Simply click the cross in the upper right corner by your selected payment card and the card will be deleted from the system. You can also delete your card after logging into your GoPay account at

2. 1-click payments up to 2,500 CZK

With your stored credit card you can pay with 1-click for orders up to 2,500 CZK. Payments of higher amounts have an additional 3D secure protection for security reasons.

3. High security level

Your credit card details will be safe with us. We fulfil PCI-DSS Level 1 standard, the highest data security level in the financial sector. All personal information is encrypted by using advanced cryptographic algorithms (TLS).

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