How to Use Pre-authorized Payments

The GoPay payment gateway enables you to make a pre-authorized payment by card. This function is suitable for situations when the goods might not be available later - in this cases the customer can pre-order such goods.

The buyer makes the payment in a common way. Buyer’s funds are blocked the same way as if the standard payment were made. Based on the availability of the goods the customer either decides to accept the payment - then the money is collected from their account - or to decline the payment, so that their money is released.


Time scheme - How does the pre-authorized payment work?

2.jpgT0 - T1: At this point the payment is created in the GoPay system and the customer pays.

T1 - T2: The time period for which the merchant can collect, or cancel the pre-authorized payment

T2: The point at which the money is definitely collected, or the pre-authorization canceled

Ta: Example of collecting the pre-authorized payment between the T1 and T2 period, so that the merchant can send the goods to the customer


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