Essential information my website must contain

​Do you know which essential information you need to include on your e-commerce site before the payment gateway is activated? By including this information your e-commerce site is compliant with the Czech legislation and also with the rules imposed by the Visa and MasterCard card associations.


Disclaimer: If your e-commerce site doesn’t include some of the information required you are at risk of being fined by the third parties (The Czech Trade Inspection Authority, card associations, etc.).

By meeting these conditions you can decrease a number of returns, or customer complaints.

The following information should be easily noticed. For example, Terms and Conditions should be placed at the home page.


Each of your e-commerce sites must include:

1. Identification data of the e-commerce site owner/provider (included in Terms and Conditions)

  • company name
  • company identification/trade number
  • complete address (street name, street number, postal code, city, country)

2. Contact details - your e-mail and phone number must be made visible for the public

3. Description of the goods or service you offer

4. Price and currency of the transaction

  • you need to include the final price of the product (including discounts, or extra fees)
  • you must include whether the price includes VAT, or not

5. Terms and Conditions

6. Return policy and warranty information (can be included in Terms and Conditions)

You should specify:

  • how your customer can inform you in case of returns
  • to which address your customer sends the returns
  • on which conditions your customer can’t ask for the returns, or exchanges
  • necessary details (eg. the returns form)
  • how your customer will be informed about the return process and the result of that process

7. Information about the customer’s right to withdrawal

8. Payment methods, delivery information, etc.

9. Cost of delivery of the product

10. Information about the protection of personal data

11. The “I certify that I am 18 years of age or older” button - in case you offer products for adults

12. Terms and Conditions file must be attached to the order confirmation e-mail

13. Export and shipping restrictions (for international orders)

14. Payment Cards logos and 3D-Secure system logos (Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode). Logos must be placed on the first page which contains information about selling of the goods or service. Use logos available here.

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