Guide to registration: 2. Indicative price offer

We'll send you a price offer within 3 working days. 

The price offer is calculated and sent by our sales specialist. Our specialist will guide you through the registration process (except for the integration part) and will also help you in the future. 

The indicative price offer includes:

  • Indicative price offer (Registration form)
  • Information about next steps

You can find your price offer in the e-mail. Also, attached you can find a registration form, which includes a detailed overview of all the fees and prices. It's an excel document, which provides a preview of a contract between you and GoPay. 

The registration form comprises of 3 sections. 

The first section introduces contractual parties. It also specifies several data, such as the evidence number of the client, currency of the price offer and identification data about the client uploaded from the quote. 

GoPay tip:
If you marked more currencies in your website quote, we will send you a registration form for each currency separately. 

The second section of the form represents all the websites at which you will accept payments with the payment gateway. 

The third section contains the price offer for all the payment methods and other services. 

What happens next?

Continue to Accepting offer to find out what to do if you want to accept the price offer. 



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