Fees Charged for Using Cards Presented Separately in the Clearing Document

The European Union has imposed new regulations on interchange fees. As of June 9, 2016 you can use the edited version of a clearing document.

The edited version now includes a table, which reflects a detailed overview of the Fees charged for using GoPay.

Our tip:
The edited version of a clearing document will not affect the total fee, charged for the individual payment methods (the total fee is adduced in the contract).

The fee in total consists of several fees, which are listed in the table.



The clearing document contains information about the fees in both: the “Fees charged” section, ordered according to the payment method, and also in the “Transaction - Details” section.

fees2.pngYou can get the edited clearing document in a PDF or XML format.

You can generate the document as usual. Here’s a guide.

If your clearing in the XML format is processed automatically, and you would like the document to reflect the edited version, you need to add a new XML feed to your accounting software.


Our tip:
If your clearing document in the XML format is processed automatically and you are satisfied with that version, it’s not necessary for you to add a new XML feed to your accounting software after June 9.

For further information on the clearing process, read this article.

The clearing provided by using a Statement in the GoPay Merchant Account will be running as usual.


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