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In the following text you can find answers to frequently asked questions related to the payment gateway.


I created a GoPay account, but I haven’t received a quote yet. What do I do?

Make sure you registered at the website by clicking at “Sign Up” (see a description of the registration process in If you have been assigned your evidence number EVC but haven’t received a quote yet, please contact us at

I want to start accepting payments with GoPay, but I still get redirected to my GoPay User account to which I’m signed in. What do I do?

If you are logged in your GoPay User account, first you need to log out. Then you can go to Click “Sign Up” and select GoPay Business account. Complete a registration form and send it to us.

I want to check my payments accepted with GoPay, but I can’t see them in my GoPay account. What do I do?

Make sure you are logged in to your business account. You can do so at by clicking at “Sign In” in the page header.

I want to issue a clearing, but I can see the “Not enough funds in your account” error message though my balance is sufficient. Why is it so?

If you fail to issue a clearing and you can see the “Not enough funds in your account” error message, please make sure that there has been no direct debit in your account lately, eg. a maintenance fee deduction or refund. You are likely to clear a larger amount of funds than you actually have in your account.

Why do I keep failing to issue a clearing?

Below you can find most likely reasons why you fail to issue your clearing:

A) Clearing frequency
Your clearing frequency can be set to daily / weekly / monthly.
If your frequency is set to monthly, your clearing is issued once in a month from the date your business account was activated.

B) D parameter
There is a clearing-delay parameter for every business account, usually a 3 day delay. It’s a standard system setting. If you want to clear a today’s payment it will take 3 days untill the payment is all set to be cleared.

C) Clearing limit

If you fail to issue a clearing because of the lack of funds in your account, make sure there is no limit set to issue clearing. If it is, edit your limit setting to a lower amount, for example 1 EUR and try to issue clearing again. After that you can top up your limit to the previous amount.

D) Unpaid receivable
If the 15,000 CZK / 600 EUR turnover is not fulfilled per month, we charge a fee for payment gateway maintenance of 190 CZK / 7 EUR. If there is an unpaid receivable in one of your accounts, your clearing gets suspended and you must top up the account in which the receivable has been created. After you pay it, your clearing works as usual.

E) Missing identification document/form
Based on the Act No. 368/2016, Coll. you are required to follow the identification process when your clearing reaches 100 EUR or your volume of payments reaches 250 EUR. If your account is about to exceed the limits, your clearing gets suspended untill you finish the identification process.

F) Invalid parameters when the IF ++ does not include complete data
If your clearing is set to IF ++, which includes a breakdown of fees (a fee paid to card associations, interchange fees and other costs), the clearing is likely to be delayed because of the incomplete data provided by partners of GoPay. You can issue your clearing later. If you don’t need all the IF ++ data, you can set a blend version (which is a standard version of clearing) and you will receive your payments as it is defined by a standard version of clearing. If you want a standard version of clearing, contact us at

G) Debit movement before the clearing is issued
If you fail to issue clearing because of the lack of funds in your account, make sure there has been no debit movement lately, eg. a deduction of fee for payment gateway maintenance, or refund. You always issue your clearing due the last date of the clearing cycle minus 3 days. For example: if you want to issue your clearing on the 24 of October, the due date would be the 20 of October. If the balance is deducted between 20 Oct to 24 Oct but there’s not enough funds, the clearing will not be issued. You can avoid this situation simply by topping up your business account and the following clearing will be issued automatically.

How can I change the account number for receiving my payments?
To change your bank account number in the GoPay system, please send us an e-mail at Specify your new bank account number and attach a bank account statement which clearly shows your name or the name of your company. After that we will prepare a new contract for you and once you sign the document we will change the account number. We will notify you about this change by e-mail or we’ll send you business account message.

How can I top up my balance in the GoPay business account?
If you want to refund a payment to your customer or pay a fee for payment gateway maintenance, but there’s not enough funds in your business account, you can top up your balance. To top up your EUR account make a following bank transfer:
Bank account - 7654322/0200
or IBAN SK75 0200 0000 0000 0765 4322,
Amount = an amount you need to top up
Variable symbol = business account ID

Where can I find my business account ID?
Log in to your business account. Go to the Business account - detail folder and copy the account number.

Why do you need to see my bank account statement?
We need to see your bank account statement to be sure that it is identical with the person (or company) who signs the contract with GoPay. You can send us your bank account statement (not older than 3 months) or you can print screen a header of your online banking. The document must clearly show the bank account number you want to register in our system and a name of the account owner. Should you not send it to us, we can’t change the bank account number or add a new one.

How can I add a payment gateway to a new website?
If your payment gateway is already active, go to the Settings -> E-shops in your business account and select “Add a new e-shop”. Complete the form and select currencies you want to accept. Click “Submit”.
Our Preboarding department will process your request and within 3 business days you’ll receive an e-mail with other steps.

How can I deactivate the payment gateway and terminate my contract with GoPay?
There are 2 options how you can deactivate your payment gateway:
A)submitting a notice of contract termination according to our terms and conditions (a 2 month notice period)
B)submitting an agreement on contract termination - send us an e-mail at with an agreement on contract termination and specify the date of contract termination

How can I reactivate a suspended or deactivated payment gateway?
If you cooperated with the GoPay payment gateway in the past but your payment gateway was suspended or deactivated, you can reactivate it. Send us an e-mail at and specify a name of the website for which you want to reactivate the payment gateway. Our risk department will check your website. Once approved you will receive a registration form. After you sign it the payment gateway will be activated.

How can I activate Paysafecard?
Send us your request at and we will send you a quote. If you agree to the quote we will register the payment method at Paysafecard. The registration process can take 14 days. Once the registration is approved we will send you an e-mail and activate Paysafecard.

How can I activate PayPal?
To activate Paypal, it must be first allowed in “Payment methods settings”. Make sure that fees for this payment method are included in the GoPay system. If not, contact us at Note that the PayPal payment method must be activated at PayPal. You can find a complete guide to activate PayPal at

Why can’t I see PayPal in my account movements?
We only provide a technical connection for the PayPal payment method. PayPal payments are created at GoPay, but the charged payments can be seen in the PayPal account. PayPal also defines fees for this payment method.

How can I activate payments in EUR or other currencies?
Send us your request at If you want to activate EUR payments you can specify your IBAN and SWIFT codes for your bank account and the website URL for which you want to activate EUR payments. We will prepare a quote and a form for you to sign. Once you sign the additional form your payments for other currencies will be activated. When activating USD payments, our risk department double check it.

I want to change my correspondence address. What do I do?
If you want to change your correspondence address or address of your company headquarters send us your request at Once it is changed we will send you an e-mail.

What is the activation process of the GoPay payment gateway?
The activation process depends on the following:
finishing the contract part - signing the contract
completing all the requirements - see
finishing the technical part - a final connection of GoPay with your e-commerce site
Once all those steps are complete, we will check it and after that we will send you production credentials.

What is the correct format of a bank account statement for setting the bank account in the GoPay system?
When you register your bank account in the GoPay system, when signing the contract, changing your account number or adding a new e-shop, you must send us your bank account statement. The stament must be up to date (not older than 3 months), the bank acccount number must be identical with the number registered in the system and the account owner must be identical with the person or company who signs the contract with GoPay. If you can’t send us your statement, you can just send us a screenshot of your online banking with the name of the account owner and a number of the registered account.

I want to accept other currencies. What’s the process like? Do I pay for this option?
Activating other currencies is free of charge.

At this moment we offer following currencies: CZK, EUR, USD, GBP, PLN, HUF, RON, BGN.
If you are interested in any of these currencies, contact us at After that we will send you a registration form for your currencies.

How long does it take for a quote to be sent after I submit my application form?
After you register in the system our risk department checks your website and approves it. We check if your website works, what products or service you sell, etc. If we are not sure about something, our preboarding department will contact you and ask you about additional details. Once your website is approved our Sales department will contact you with a quote and following steps. This process takes about 3 days.

Can I accept global payment cards?
When you accept card payments with GoPay, your default area is the European region. If you want to accept card payments globally, send us an e-mail at Note that accepting global cards might be risky because of fraud transactions.

How do I tell difference between a chargeback and refund?
Refund is a kind of cancelling the payment. You can refund a payment in the GoPay system, with API, or we can do so. We can refund a payment only if you agree on it.
Chargeback is a process of returning money to customers. Unlike refund the chargeback is processed by a bank. When customers want to make a chargeback, you are informed about that.

When do you require sending a 3D Secure code?
When you pay with GoPay for the first time ever or you pay an amount higher than 100 CZK, you always need to confirm your payment with a 3D secure code. But when you pay amounts higher than 100 CZK within one particular period you don’t have to enter the 3D secure code.

I haven’t received my order. What do I do?
If you haven’t received your order for which you paid with GoPay, contact the e-shop and ask the merchant to check your payment and send you your goods. You can find contact information in the payment status notification we send once we confirm the payment.

I’ve got a new payment card. What do I do if I want my recurring payments carry on?
If you use recurring payments, but you’ve got a new card, ask your merchant to find more information about this service.

I’ve topped up my GoPay user account using a bank transfer. When can I expect that my payment will be credited?
A bank transfer takes approximately 1 to 3 days to be credited. Once the bank confirms the payment, it will be credited to your GoPay user account.

What does the “Activation process finished or expired” error message mean?
If you come accross the “Activation process finished or expired” error message while recovering your access to your GoPay account it means that in the past you didn’t finish the activation process of your account and that’s why the access to an unactivated account has been denied. To recover your access contact us at

My GoPay account is identical with my name in the system but it keeps failing to be verified. Why is that so?
If you registered your name in the system and the account is identical with your name, please make sure that you entered a correct name and surname. If the name is correct but the account still keeps failing to be verified, contact us at The bank might haven’t passed your name with the payment in a correct format. We’ll check the payment in the statement and if it is correct, your GoPay account will be verified manually.

I’ve verified my bank account but my GoPay account is still not verified. What do I do?
When your bank account is verified the level of your account verification is partially verified. However, your identity is not verified according to the AML (anti-money laundering) rules. Once you log in to your verified account, the verified identity will be activated.

What do the limits mean after I log in to my GoPay account?
Once the GoPay account is activated you can see the limits of a maximum balance (250 EUR). You can also see how much is left to be used for the calendar year as for the current verification level.

I can see a GoPay payment in my statement, but I haven’t made such a transaction. What do I do?
First have a look at your e-mails and check if there is an e-mail sent by (we send information about the payment in this e-mail). If you can’t see such an e-mail in your inbox, contact us at and prepare the following: date of payment (not the date of a charged transaction), an amount and a variable symbol.

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