Terms of EET-GoPay service


  1. These terms of EET-GoPay service follow terms of using the payment gateway (hereinafter PG), extending to further contractual obligations for both sides as a result of using this service.


  1. By Payment Gateway we mean an application that allows making online transactions, the purpose of which is to Issue Electronic money or Pay with Electronic money. The application integrates payment methods and makes it easier to transfer funds to the environment of the GoPay Payment system.
  2. By EET Terms we mean terms of using the EET-GoPay service, described in this text. The author of EET terms is the GOPAY company.
  3. By PG Terms we mean terms of using the GoPay payment gateway. The author of PG terms is the GOPAY company.
  4. By Contract Terms we mean terms which can change a creation and termination of the Contract on Issuing and Using Electronic Money between you as an Electronic money holder and us, and which can change responsibilities of both sides. The author of Contract terms is the GOPAY company.
  5. The Law on electronic records of sales (hereinafter ZoET) is the full text of Act no. 112/2016 Coll. on electronic records of sales
  6. The definitions which start with a capital letter and which are used in this text can be defined in these EET terms, PG terms or Contract terms.

Scope of terms

  1. EET terms lay down rules by which Clients abide when they use the EET GoPay service. The clients also use this service to fulfill legal obligations as described in the section 1 - a standard way of recording sales according to ZoET.
  2. EET terms extend to PG terms which lay down rules of setting up, using and cancelling the GoPay Payment Gateway.

Activating EET GoPay service

  1. The right for you to use the EET GoPay service as another functionality of the GoPay payment system is effective immediately at the moment of you becoming a subject of sales recording according to § 1 (1) of ZoET and when you confirm that you agree to these EET terms.
  2. You acknowledge that the availability of the EET GoPay service requires an activation process. You are obliged to set the required integration credentials according to instructions.
  3. You acknowledge that EET GoPay service will be activated according to the date chosen by you. Also, the date of deactivation depends upon your decision. All the selected dates must be set to the following calendar day, minimum.

Using EET GoPay service

  1. You acknowledge that once the EET GoPay service is activated all the payments made with the GoPay payment gateway are recorded sales according to § 4 of ZoET.
  2. By using the service you agree to:
    1. avoid abusing our copyright or other rights of fixed assets and avoid intervening in such rights which belong to us
    2. set up and update all your identifying and evidence data required by ZoET, especially a setup of your establishments, VAT paying, date of service activation, and other information which is necessary for the correct recording of sales. You acknowledge that GOPAY is not responsible for discrepancies caused by your incorrect information.
    3. you are responsible for obtaining authentication credentials and creating a certificate for sales recording according to instructions stipulated in §13 - §17 of ZoET and uploading that certificate to the GoPay payment system. You acknowledge that the GoPay company is not responsible for discrepancies caused by your incorrect information.
    4. when asked, you are obliged to cooperate either with us or authorities and institutions during sales and transactions analysis and enable a proper and timely fulfilment of obligations.
  3. The GOPAY company agrees to
    1. provide you with a technical connection with the Financial administration portal and obey technical rules laid down by ZoET when a standard mode is running
    2. issue receipts to end customers
    3. archive and enable access to the history of your information
  4. You acknowledge that should we find out any discrepancies in the content of the data passed to the Financial administration server, we are entitled not to register the recorded sale nor the payment for goods or service.

Safety measures

  1. The EET Certificate you upload to the GoPay payment system will be stored in the secured part of the infrastructure, the access to which is strictly regulated.
  2. Once the eet certificate is stored, it is not possible to download or publish it and it is only used to authenticate the data messages sent to the servers of the Financial administration.

Service availability limitations

  1. The EET GoPay service is permanently available as long as the GoPay payment gateway is operational
  2. The EET GoPay service is not available during unexpected outages or scheduled technical maintenance
  3. The GOPAY company guarantees that even when the outage of connection with the server of Finacial administration occurs, the realized sales are recorded according to ZoET’s particular provisions once the connection is recovered.

Final provisions

  1. You acknowledge that we are entitled to amend EET terms according to the rules and conditions described in this text.
  2. Should we change the terms we are obliged to notify you by e-mail with a link to new EET terms attached. You can use that link to print the terms or save them electronically.
  3. The full text of EET terms is available online at our website
  4. You are responsible for damages caused by breaching these EET terms, PG terms, Contract terms, or Safety measures, regardless of the extent of your fault.
  5. EET Terms come into effect on 1st of March, 2017.

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